Tuesday, August 08, 2006

[Throwback] JoJo - Leave (Get Out) (CDS)

This is the full CD single of JoJo's hit song "Leave (Get Out)" from 2004. The song reached #1 and the video was retired on TRL. The cover is over on the left. I ripped this myself from an autographed copy I have (FYE, I love you lol).


1. Leave (Get Out) [Album Version]
2. Leave (Get Out) [Hip Hop Remix]
3. Leave (Get Out) [Dance Remix]
4. Leave (Get Out) [Instrumental]
5. Not That Kinda Girl [Album Version]

All songs are MP3 VBR (210 kbps average)

JoJo - Leave (Get Out) (CDS) (29.94 MB)
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1 comment:

Tash said...

Drew, this blog fucking rocks. I totally just downloaded the Scott Storch remix of the Brit + Madonna song. WHOOOO.

Love you.