Thursday, August 24, 2006

4 New Justin Timberlake Songs off of FS/LS

This is getting ridiculous. But it's a good ridiculous. Here are 4 more tracks off of "FutureSex/LoveSounds" in full and in CDQ. I cannot wait for this album. And here's hoping that the next song to leak is "LoveStoned." Just the clip for that is driving me insane lol Links:

Justin Timberlake - Damn Girl [ft. Will I. Am] (9.19 MB)

Justin Timberlake - Sexy Ladies/Let Me Talk To You (Prelude) (10.10 MB)

Justin Timberlake - Chop Me Up [ft. Three Six Mafia & Timbaland] (9.35 MB)

Justin Timberlake - "Summer Love/Set The Mood" (11.21 MB)

(All files hosted on

EDIT: Links updated September 2nd.

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Anonymous said...

WoW! I like every track! Timbaland is my all time best producer and he did a really good job for Justin. This duo is pure fire! Can't wait to buy album! P.S. I'm sad that song with Nelly Furtado didn't make it on the final cut.

tiff said...

Yea, this album is gonna be FIRE.

thanks for the posts :)

michael h said...

this is great!! i never expected to grab all these tracks before hand. but i will definitely grab this off the racks when it comes out. JT is the man, Timbaland is the producer of the year!