Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Artist: UNeSS

UNeSS is a new artist from Detroit, signed to Next Selection, same label as Cassie, founded by Ryan Leslie. In fact, UNeSS co-wrote/produced 2 songs on Cassie's album ("About Time" and "Not With You"). He's had several songs floating around on mixtapes. He's similar to Justin Timberlake in that he uses a falsetto in addition to his normal singing voice. Currently he writes and produces for artists on Next Selection and Bad Boy. Plans for an album are murky at the moment. I love this guy's voice. And I'm addicted to the track "Over" he wrote, and which is produced by fellow NS artists Mysto and Pizzi (I love them too. They will be HUGE soon, I just know it.) The video above is UNeSS in the studio with Mysto and Pizzi making the track "Over."LISTEN TO IT! It's ungodly awesome. Sadly, not only has the song not been released nor leaked, UNeSS might not be performing it when it does. It's being shown to artists from Bad Boy and other labels for their artists. B5 and Chris Brown were mentioned as likely candidates for singing the final track. But, on Mysto and Pizzi's MySpace page, it lists the song as "UNeSS - Over" so hopefully he'll get it in the end. There are some tracks by him below (none of them produced by Mysto and Pizzi though). "Finally" is sick.

UNeSS - Finally (ft. Atiba) (5.12 MB)

UNeSS - Beautiful (Because of You) (3.33 MB)

UNeSS - Might Have a Chance (4 MB)

(All songs hosted on

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And finally, check out another video of UNeSS in the studio with Mysto and Pizzi:

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