Friday, October 31, 2008

Taylor Swift - Photograph (with Def Leppard)

Taylor Swift put on a special concert with Def Leppard for CMT's Crossroads series where they pair a country singer with a musical act from another genre. Taylor actually called up the Def Leppard crew herself to ask them if they wanted to do it. The full show will air on November 7th (and I'm planning on putting it up here) but a music video was made of one of the songs, "Photograph," to promote it. Here is that music video, formatted for the iPod Touch and iPhone, but it should work on any iPod that supports video, and it also looks quite good on your computer. That's a capture from it up there (click it to see full size). I also uploaded just the song.



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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Taylor Swift - White Horse

After a long hiatus (Latin for "period of laziness") I'm back with what you could call an exclusive. Last Thursday, a new Taylor Swift song, "White Horse," was played during Grey's Anatomy. Now they ruined it by talking all over it with some sappy storyline or something (it's physically impossible for me to focus on the story in any given episode of GA). Luckily, some benevolent, caring internet pirates put up a version of the episode with 5.1 surround audio. That means separate dialog and music tracks! After some poking and prodding and at least one kick to my hard drive, I got a version of the song completely devoid of anyone from the show talking. There's just a hint of sound effects in the background. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift - White Horse

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