Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rare Britney Songs

This will finish off my 90s pop bend (I hope lol). These are tracks from various places, none of which were released in the States I believe. "She'll Never Be Me" was a B-Side on the "Boys" single in Europe, "Deep in My Heart" was a bonus track on the European release of "... Baby One More Time," and "You Got It All" is just plain unreleased. The last track is remix of "Me Against the Music" by Scott Storch. If anyone has the Kanye West remix of that song, please send it my way. I have been looking for that song forever.

Britney Spears - She'll Never Be Me

Britney Spears - Deep in My Heart

Britney Spears - You Got It All

Britney Spears ft. Madonna - Me Against The Music (Scott Storch Remix)

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