Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paula DeAnda - "Walk Away" (Written by Ne-Yo and Christina Milian)

This is a song off of Paula DeAnda's debut album which is coming out at some point in time, I think lol. I'm pretty sure this is NOT the second single. That would be "Easy." Anywho, as the title says, this song was written by two songwriters who are perhaps the best of their respective genders under 25 years old. It's a nice R&B tune, though Paula, despite a nice voice, still doesn't really stand out from the crowd.

Paul DeAnda - "Walk Away" (4.35 MB)

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Lady_C said...

drew!! thanks for postin this but i was wonderin if youd heard Easy by PD feat Lil Wayne. and if you have could you post it her? its soo good. k thanks!