Wednesday, September 27, 2006

JoJo - Too Little Too Late (Live on TRL)

JoJo performs the first single off of her sophomore album "The High Road" titled "Too Little Too Late" live on MTV's TRL on September 27th 2006. I put the audio up too if anyone wants that:

JoJo - Too Little Too Late (Live on TRL) (9-27-06) (4.84 MB)

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Anonymous said...

I thought this performance was okay. Not better than the Miss Teen America performance. I don't know what happened when it was time to sing the big "Yeah" note. But she got the note right at the Teen show. Maybe she was sick? I think Jojo may need to get some vocal lessons so that she is more consistent when performing big songs like TLTL. But I still love you Jojo. Her performances have improved alot from two years ago. I don't expect her to be perfect at 15.