Friday, September 08, 2006

DJ Ooze - Hey Love (Rough Kanye West Beat)

This is my first stab at making a beat. I don't think it came out too shabby. This is just a rough cut. It uses a sample from "Hey Love" by Stevie Wonder. I haven't done any differentiation for the chorus or bridge or anything. And I'll probably be tweaking it more before I'm done. As you can see by the title, I was trying to make it sound like a Kanye West production. Please, comment on it! Any suggestions for how I can make it better? think it's an abomination? Tell me below!

DJ Ooze - Hey Love (2.13 MB)
(Hosted on ZShare)

As always, should you put this on your blog, MySpace, or whatever, credit SexyFront.

1 comment:

LaDy_C said...

I like the beat. Nice job :)