Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got [Snippet] [CDQ]

This is supposedly a snippet of the first single off of Jay-Z's comeback album, due in November. I'm not so sure about the validity of it, but I trust the source enough to at least post it. The full song should leak any day now if they plan on getting it out to radio in time for the album. Typical lead time is 2 months, and they're pushing that now. Anyway, here it is:

Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got [Snippet] (0.3 MB)

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School of Athens said...

please tell me you don't really think that's an actual preview from Jay-Z's new CD.. they are clips from other CDs and the piano... man, if that's the actual track, we're all in trouble. I could have written a better song falling down the stairs...