Friday, September 07, 2007

Mario - 2 New Tracks

A low quality version of Who Am I leaked out awhile ago but I didn't post it because I'm not good at life. But here is the CDQ version of that song, which is supposedly a bonus track off his upcoming album. And also included is a freshly leaked song called "This Is For" that may or may not end up on the album.

Mario - Who Am I (ft. Tyrese)

Mario - This Is For

As always, should you put this link on your blog, MySpace, or whatever, credit SexyFront.


KATHY said...

did you happen to cap kayne vs 50 on 106& PARK. I FUCKING MISSED IT. I hope it's up somewhere tommorw.

Oozer said...

My capture card isn't working right now, otherwise I would have it.

Kathy said...

Dang, the whole time I thought his ablum is out already.

So far his songs sounds really good, but too bad they are leaking so fast.

Do you have "Crying Out For Me', i think it's his next single.