Sunday, September 02, 2007

(Updated) 3 New Duran Duran Songs (Produced by Timbaland & Justin Timberlake)

I've been waiting to hear these songs for awhile now. One of the most esteemed hip-hop producers ever hooking up with a British band that was huge with the teen girl set in the 80s was just too odd a pairing to sleep on. And lo and behold, they made sweet music together. Nite Runner and Skin Divers are produced by Timbaland and Danja while Falling Down was produced by Duran Duran and Justin Timberlake. EDIT: All 3 are now CDQ.

Duran Duran - Nite Runner (ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)

Duran Duran - Skin Divers (ft. Timbaland)

Duran Duran - Falling Down

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog through a Google search. I noticed that you had the full version of "That'll Be The Day" by JoJo up, and I've been DYING for the song since I saw it on "American Dreams". Is there an way you could re-upload it?! I would be SO appreciative. Thanks in advance if you can, if not, that's fine too.