Thursday, November 02, 2006

JoJo - The High Road (Bonus Tracks) (1 File)

I already posted all of the songs before, but this is a formal pack with all three bonus tracks. These are all my rips (I bought 4 copies of this CD lol). The Walmart and Best Buy bonus tracks were ripped directly from the CDs while the iTunes track was de-DRM'ed then converted. Enjoy!

1 - Do Whatcha Gotta Do (iTunes) 04:29
2 - Get It Poppin' (Walmart) 03:59
3 - I Can Take You There (Best Buy) 04:51

JoJo - The High Road (Bonus Tracks)

Re-upped 6/23

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kcjojo said...

cool blog!i can't open this page,no matter i try and try,but it doesn't work no more,can u send me 3 bonustracks?thanks alot!