Saturday, November 11, 2006

[Album Alert] Jay-Z - Kingdom Come

Well. It leaked. It's pretty good too. I am a little disappointed though. Only one track was produced by Kanye and Kanye doesn't appear anywhere on the album as a guest. And Nas' rumored appearance is nowhere to be found. To balance that out are guest spots from R&B phenoms Usher and Ne-Yo and R&B phenom-in-the-making Sterling Simms. Do yourself a favor and at least download the track "Anything" featuring Usher and produced by the Neptunes (yep, that's right, it sounds like Chad actually worked on this beat! How do I know that? Because it actually sounds good!). So check your usual sites, as it should be flooding the internets right about now. And from my favorite people in the "scene" RNS.

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Lady_C said...

will you be posting it?