Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Random, Sorta JoJo Related Post

When iTunes revealed today that they'd have a bonus track for "The High Road" titled "Do Whatcha Gotta Do," I thought, "ANOTHER song copying a John Legend track?" First was "The High Road" (JL guested on a song by the same name on "The Rising Tied" by Fort Minor, which is incidentally the best hip-hop album from last year not called "Late Registration.") And now we have "Do Whatcha Gotta Do" which is very similar to "Do What I Gotta Do" which was an unreleased track from the "Get Lifted" sessions. And was produced by Kanye West. I know the chances are INCREDIBLY slim, but God I hope they're the same song lmao. Anywho, here are John Legend's songs, just cause they are damn good. Especially "High Road." It's one of the best songs of all of last year.

John Legend - Do What I Gotta Do

Fort Minor ft. John Legend - High Road

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear "Do whatchu gotta do." It didn't make the album cut, but hopefully it's not too bad.