Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[Exclusive] JoJo - Baby It's You (Promo CDS)

I've been looking for this for years. Every once in awhile one would pop up on eBay, but I could never win it. I finally did win it last week, and it arrived in the mail today. Here it is, as well-ripped as could possibly be. The package includes full scans as well, of the front and back covers and the CD itself. The front cover scan is up there. Click it to see the full size. Tracklist below followed by the link:

* 01 - Baby It's You (Main) 03:32
* 02 - Baby It's You (Instrumental) 03:26
* 03 - Baby It's You (Acappella) 02:59
* 04 - Baby It's You (Call Out Hook) 00:15

JoJo-Baby_It's_You-(Promo_CDS)-OoZ.rar [18.89 MB]

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