Friday, June 22, 2007

JoJo - The High Road (Bonus DVD)

I don't know why this took me this long, but my laziness has given me the opportunity to call this a present for the 3rd anniversary of the release of her self-titled debut. Here is the full contents of the Bonus DVD that came with the album if you bought it at Target. It includes 4 music videos and a 14 minute behind the scenes featurette. I ripped these all myself because I'm geeky like that lol.

Note: The Behind the Scenes featurette is a big file (151 MB) and is hosted at Megaupload. The rest of the videos are around 40 MB and hosted at MediaFire.

Music Videos:
Leave (Get Out)
Baby It's You
Not That Kinda Girl
Too Little Too Late

Behind the Scenes Featurette

As always, should you put these files on your blog, MySpace, or whatever, credit SexyFront.


Anonymous said...

heyy.. just wondering if u can upload them again? thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Muah!